/Art Guidelines

To help ensure that we reproduce your artwork to the highest possible standards, please refer to the following guidelines when sending your files.  This will improve accuracy, clarity, and guarantee high detail.

We work best with digital files.  Please email with your files.  If you must mail us physical files, our mailing address is at the bottom of the page.

Logos, Pictures, and Other Imagery

Preferred File Types

Vector: .ai, .pdf, .svg, .eps, .psd
Raster: .jpg, .png, .tif

Vector files are able to be reproduced at any size, large or small.  No detail is lost and everything is able to be edited with little difficulty.

When sending a raster file, please make sure it is large and high-resolution.  Otherwise, it will not print well.

Unacceptable File Types

.gif, .bmp, .pub, .doc, .docx

Files ending in .gif and .bmp are usually small and have low detail.

Files ending in .pub are made in Microsoft Publisher and we cannot read them.

Files ending in .doc and .docx are made in Microsoft Word.  If you are just including text, send it in the email.  If you are sending an image, you do not need to embed it in a Word file.  Otherwise, you can save to .pdf within Word.  For instructions, click here for a Microsoft walkthrough.


In order to produce the high volume of art for our folders, we have deemed it necessary to limit the number of revisions for each contract.  Unless otherwise stipulated in your contract, you will have three revisions.  Any mistakes on our end (incorrect contact information, for example) will not count towards that number, but any other requested changes will be held to the revision limit.

Ad Dimensions and other specifications

All dimensions are listed as Width × Height.

Folder Ad Sizes

Single: 4.06" × 1.43"
Double: 4.06" × 2.91"
Triple: 4.06" × 4.36"
Quad Vertical: 4.06" × 5.82"
Quad Horizontal: 8.14" × 2.91"
Back Cover: 8.14" × 4.36"
Full Pocket: 8.14" × 5.82"

Tips for Building Your Own Ad

Bleed and Trim: not necessary
Resolution: 300 dpi
Format: refer to Preferred File Types above
Color: CMYK

Welcome Guide Ad Sizes

Solo: 4" × 2.05"
Duo: 4" × 4.225"
Trio: 4" × 6.4"
Quarto: 4" × 8.575"
Folio: 4" × 10.75"