Most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can my ad have color in it?

    • Absolutely!  Everything is full-color.

  2. Can I see the ad before it goes to print?  I want to make sure I like it!

    • Of course!  We will email you a proof to look over.  If everything's good, awesome!  If you need changes to be made, that's totally okay.  We'll send you a new proof each time we make changes to your ad.

  3. What happens if I change my phone number or address or some other info on the ad after it goes to print?  Can I change it?

    • Yes!  Naturally, the new ad won't be reflected in any printed folders (as much as we wish we could travel through time!), but when folders are reprinted or renewed, the new ad will take the old one's place.

  4. I got an ad design emailed to me, but it's covered in diagonal "Production Media Company" things.  Why, and will it print like that?

    • That's our proof watermark.  We overlay that on every ad we send out for approval, and it's just used during the proof process.  Once we go to print, the watermark will be removed.

  5. Can I get a clean, watermark-free version of the ad once it's done?

    • If you are absolutely in love with how your ad turned out, you can purchase the rights and original, fully-editable files for a one-time fee!  We have plenty of artwork packages available, and if you would like to use the ad for another publication, we can recreate the file to match the needed size at no extra cost as a courtesy to you for your purchase.

  6. Why do I have to purchase the rights?  It's my ad!

    • Our artists work very hard to make sure your ad is perfect, so your purchase of the rights helps to support them and ensures they continue to make amazing ads in the future.  Also, your original purchase is for the ad space.  The artwork itself is separate.  Naturally, if you sent in your own ready-made ad rather than having us design you a new one, you of course retain all your rights.

  7. Can I get a copy of the folder once it's printed?

    • Glad you asked—definitely!  At any point in the conversation between you and your designer, simply ask and provide the physical address for us to ship to.

  8. When are the folders going to print?

    • The Customer Care department knows more about that than the Art department—we just handle the production!  Feel free and give them a call or email.

  9. Why haven't the folders printed yet?

    • Any number of things can slow down production, but the most common culprit is when other advertisers don't stay in contact or send us any information.  The sooner we can get your ad done and get it approved by you, the sooner we can go to print!

  10. I sent an email to the Art department, but I haven't heard back.  Help!

    • The Art department gets a lot of emails every day, so it can sometimes take anywhere from three to ten business days for us to get back to you.  If you just want to check to make sure we got your email, feel free to call us.  If you email us again to check, it can actually bump the date on the original email up and push it farther down in the queue!  We don't want that to happen, so unless you're sending more files or resources for your ad, please call in to check.

  11. I have a totally different question.

    • Gotcha!  Call in at any time and we will help out!