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I have never been misled and I was not an easy sell. I’ve already sent the art to their art department and so far, smooth sailing. […] I honestly had a [wonderful] experience.
— Zoe L.
Everyone I have spoken to has been very helpful, and the company has been very responsive for the most part.
— Ash'Lee C.
I received a call from Mike. […] After talking to him I realized the opportunity that he had presented for my business to advertise in homework folders was phenomenal. Don’t get me wrong, I did my research and checked with the principal at Washington Elementary to see if the company Mike worked for and they were legit. The folders got printed and our ad looked great.
— Kerri R.
We have been using PMC for over a year and we are very pleased with the overall work they have done.
— Tyler V.
When I got a phone call regarding printing folders for our Real Estate office, we were ecstatic—we had just started a new corporation and it was just the thing we needed to help get our name out in the market. They explained the whole process and we agreed. I had several companies contact me regarding advertising in our folders and wanted to know if they were for real.

We finally received our folders and were excited to see the end result. They did a great job and we use them every day. Our agents like having them to give to their clients to keep all their paperwork in.

We will be getting our second year of folders and look forward to see the final product. Thank you for the opportunity, we look forward to our next batch of folders.
— Ledaun C.