/Free Folders

…for Schools, Real Estate Offices and Special Events Across the Country. Be a Part of Something Big.


We produce FREE folders for businesses nationwide.  Our folders are full color, high gloss, and custom designed with a protective laminate for durability.  The cover features branding for your business and selected imagery on the front and back cover.

The best part is they are absolutely FREE!

Brand your business in front of middle-to-high end spenders that are looking for the best businesses in the area.

Reach families by advertising in schools where parents, educators, and students collaborate and learn every day.

Make sure your homeowners have all the information about their home in one place.

Send your students home with their homework and handouts in one place.

Give your event attendees all their necessary venue information in one place.

When someone moves into town, they want to know which businesses to turn to first.

Visitors in town for events and vacations love to pay a premium to have the best time possible.

Generate word-of-mouth referrals all year long.

Sponsoring a networking folder is a smart business decision.  People spend more money when buying a home than at any other time in their life.  Our agreement with each real estate office is that their Realtors will use these folders exclusively; therefore, every client they give a folder to will see your ad.

Their clients use these folders to hold the paperwork that they accumulate throughout the home buying process.  The average transaction takes 60–90 days to close, so these prospects are in and out of these folders several times to reference their material.  Your business will be featured in front of them repeatedly during this time—a time when they most need your service.

If your marketing plan is to target prospective home buyers, then virtually every person who receives a folder will need your service.  This is THE MOST targeted demographic you can reach with your advertising dollars.

How Quickly Homeowners Improve Their Homes

*Statistics are based on 2014 survey data from the National Association of Realtors.


More than a third of home owners want energy-efficient appliances, home features, and landscaping.

They spend almost $30,000 on the average home improvement!

Here's how it works:

When dealing with a house sale, almost 90% of home buyers and sellers use a real estate agent.

Nearly everyone who uses a Realtor relies on the marketing materials from their Realtor.

Before you know it, your business is first in mind for your new neighbors and visitors.

Targeted Demographics


We want your ad to represent you in your way.  You send us an ad on your end, or we can make an original, custom advertisement just for you.  Your designer will communicate back and forth with you until the ad is all done.  Once you approve the final ad, we'll mark it as ready to be printed.