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Make your presence felt from Home to the Community.


Why are they free?


PMC Networking’s folders offer much more than just branding for your business. Your success as a Realtor depends on the network of businesses you align yourself with. Featuring these businesses in the folders will benefit not only them, but you as well.

We feature these businesses on the inside pockets of the folders. You will have an opportunity to provide us with a preferred list of businesses in which your agents work with on a regular basis. These businesses will be given first priority, and this will allow them the opportunity to feature their services in front of a targeted demographic giving them an edge against their competition. Mortgage Companies, Banks, Credit Unions, Title Companies, Closing Attorneys, Home Warranty, Home Inspectors, Insurance Agents, Contractors, etc. are always looking for ways to reach your clients with their advertising dollars.

Here's How It Works:

We talk to you and find out what you need.  You give us a list of your favorite businesses in town that you would like to feature in your folders.

On your behalf, we then contact the businesses and see if they would like to feature their business in your folders.  We also scout the area and find other unfilled niches that we think your buyers would benefit from.

Once the businesses are in place, we get the ad designs ready and set up the print layout.  In the meantime, we'll also design the folder cover with you.  Once you approve the design and all the ads are set, we print and ship directly to you!

Generate “Word of Mouth” Referrals

Sponsoring a real estate networking folder is a smart business decision. People spend more money when buying a home than at any other time in their life. Our agreement with each real estate office is that their realtors will use these folders exclusively; therefore, every client they give a folder to will see your ad.

Their clients use these folders to hold the paperwork that they accumulate throughout the home buying process. The average transaction takes 60-90 days to close, so these prospects are in and out of these folders several times to reference their material. Your business will be featured in front of them repeatedly during this time, a time when they most need your service.

If your marketing plan is to target prospective home buyers, then virtually every person who receives a folder will need your service. This is THE MOST targeted demographic you can reach with your advertising dollars.