Enriching the lives of children, while helping your business grow your business.

Parents of students want the very best in education, athletics, and entertainment for their families.

Generate word-of-mouth referrals all year long.

Businesses are able to show their support for local schools by sponsoring a portion of the Homework folders. This truly is a win win: The community works together to create strong successful schools for the benefit of the students, while sponsors, local families, teachers and students show their appreciation for the donations by patronizing those businesses. This is marketing for a cause!

When you support your local schools through our school folder advertising, you not only gain the attention of the parent, teacher and student, but also other school administrators and even other business owners... All translates into new customers for you.

All Consumer Purchases

Primary Household Shoppers


Print advertising always makes a difference.

Moms represent a $2.5 trillion market.

When looking for services for their children, most parents and families talk to their peers.

Before you know it, your business is first in mind for students and their families.


We want your ad to represent you in your way.  You send us an ad on your end, or we can make an original, custom advertisement just for you.  Your designer will communicate back and forth with you until the ad is all done.  Once you approve the final ad, we'll mark it as ready to be printed.


Our School's budget is fairly strict.  is there a catch to this?

No catch at all!  We know how aggravating it can be to allocate funds for supplies.  Our folders are absolutely 100% FREE!  Our homework folders can be sent home every day with your students, so we advertise in the folders in order to provide them to you.  Parents work hand-in-hand with educators, and (besides questions about their child's progress), it's common to hear questions like:

  • Which local tutor would you recommend?

  • My kids want to learn how to dance—which studio does your family use?

  • The little one’s birthday is on Saturday, so I need to get them a really yummy cake!

Many educators are parents as well, so it makes sense to collaborate with other parents to find and patronize the best local businesses to ensure their children are well-rounded and enjoying life as much as possible!  These businesses can be front and center in your folders, so when the students go home to start their homework (a task made easier with a central folder!), their parents immediately see your recommendations.

Here's How It Works:

We talk to you and find out what you need.  You give us a list of your favorite businesses in town that you would like to feature in your folders.

On your behalf, we then contact the businesses and see if they would like to feature their business in your folders.  We also scout the area and find other unfilled niches that we think your students would benefit from.

Once the businesses are in place, we get the ad designs ready and set up the print layout.  In the meantime, we'll also design the folder cover with you.  Once you approve the design and all the ads are set, we print and ship directly to you.